Our offer includes anaerobic adhesives (one-component adhesives specialized for metals), cyanoacrylate adhesives (for small surfaces), large-surface adhesives (containing polyurethane, solvent and dispersion adhesives) and construction adhesives: epoxy and methacrylic.

Kleje Monolith - Proxima Adhesives


  • anaerobic

    One-component adhesives that cure after cutting off the access of air. Commonly used for basic metal assembly operations such as:

    • securing threads against loosening (self-loosening),
    • sealing flat surfaces (gears, covers, plugs),
    • sealing threads of power hydraulics and pneumatics,
    • sealing pipe threads,
    • gluing of "shaft-sleeve" joints (gluing of bearings, gears, valve seats).
  • cyanoacrylate

    Otherwise called Secondary adhesives - "droplets".
    We have a wide range of this type of adhesives, in several different chemical groups. They can combine a wide range of metals and plastics, and with a primer, even polypropylene, polyethylene and Teflon, as well as silicone rubbers.

  • structural

    Epoxy, methacrylic and acrylic adhesives. Hybrids. They are adhesives that create stronger bonds than the materials they do. They also participate in the final structural integrity, increasing its strength.

  • large-surface adhesives

    Glues with a larger bonding surface. They are divided into solvent, dispersion (water) and polyurethane.

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