Monolith 251-1
  • Monolith 251-1

Monolith 251-1

Two-component construction methacrylic adhesive, designed for bonding high-strength metal and composite materials.

Package: 25 ml

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Monolith 251-1 is a two-component construction methacrylate adhesive, designed for bonding high-strength metal and composite materials. The mixing ratio of the components is 1: 1 by volume, at room temperature, the pot life is 12 to 18 minutes, and it reaches its initial strength within 20 to 25 minutes. It was developed on the basis of innovative technology, including our revolutionary traction system. This unique system enables the final balance of mechanical strength and impact resistance to be achieved, while remaining simple and quick to use. It is particularly well suited for bonding metals and plastics.

     • Fast-drying, high-strength adhesive
     • Does not require surface preparation, does not require primers
     • Easy to use
     • Perfectly bonds a wide range of metals and plastics
     • High shear strength
     • High impact strength
     • Good chemical resistance
     • Tolerates inaccuracies in mixing ratio

Monolith 251-1 is suitable for the following applications:
     • A versatile construction adhesive that bonds many different substrates
     • Connecting metal fasteners to molded composite parts
     • Bonding of aluminum and stainless steel inscriptions in sign production
     • Bonding car bodies made of carbon fiber
     • GRP bonding in the maritime industry
     • Bonding of various metals for the production of trailers

Excellent resistance to:

     acids and bases (3-10 pH)
     salt solutions

Susceptible to polar solvents.


Syringe 25ml

Data sheet

Viscosity [Pa · s]
A: 450-550 B: 450-550
Mixing ratio (by volume - A: B)
Thermal resistance [°C]
-55 / +120
Shear strength [N/mm²]
Pot life after mixing [min]
Time to achieve initial strength at RT
20-25 min
Time to reach final strength at RT
24 godz.
Application area
Metale, tworzywa sztuczne

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