Adhesive Remover 500ml
  • Adhesive Remover 500ml
  • Adhesive Remover 500ml

Adhesive Remover

Sticker and adhesive remover - Adhesive Remover. Contents 500ml.

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Sticker and adhesive remover - Adhesive Remover.  This is a professional, highly concentrated formulation that instantly dissolves various types of adhesives and enables stickers and labels to be easily removed.  It also effectively removes grease and oils, bituminous compounds, markers, inks. Safe for most surfaces and does not leave streaks.

Can be successfully used on hard surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, rubber and most plastic and varnished surfaces, as well as on soft surfaces and fabrics such as carpets, curtains, blinds, etc. It is also ideal for cleaning hoses and pressure-distributed glue guns before reuse. However, it is not suitable for all highly plastic materials - therefore, it is always recommended to test the product on a small area of the material from which you want to remove stickers, glue or grease before use.

It is a high-quality product for the removal of stickers, labels, advertising film, adhesive tape and other adhesive items (see videos below).

It does not contain potentially environmentally and ozone-hazardous materials such as CFCs.

Widely applicable:

Quickly and thoroughly removes a variety of adhesives, silicone grease, oils.
Perfectly removes stickers from windows, furniture, car and other surfaces.
Helpful in the advertising industry - removes advertising film, labels, tape residue, etc.
Removes marks from markers.
Indispensable in the automotive sector - quickly removes asphalt, bitumen, tar and other oil-based substances from the car body.
Helps to quickly remove lipstick, ink and ink residues.
Can be used for universal cleaning.

Directions for use:

Shake the can vigorously before use.
Test the product on a small section of the surface to be cleaned.
The place from which you want to remove a sticker/adhesive should be sprayed with the preparation and wait for about 5 seconds - in the case of stickers, it is important that it soaks well, so that the preparation reaches the adhesive layer.
The adhesive can then be wiped off, for example with a clean sponge or cloth.
The product should be used in well-ventilated areas.

Adhesive Remover is a sticker remover with an intensive formula, so it is effective where traditional removers fail!


Spray - 500ml


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