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    Our offer includes anaerobic adhesives (one-component adhesives specialized for metals), cyanoacrylate adhesives (for small surfaces), large-surface adhesives (containing polyurethane, solvent and dispersion adhesives) and construction adhesives: epoxy and methacrylic.


    We don't have much of the sealant types. These are specialized products. Among them are:
    - MS Silans
    - Butyl tapes - high-quality sealing tapes. Very sticky and self-sealing. Very good resistance to water and aging, no corrosive elements.


    This part is available for purchase

         applicators, dispensers,
         putties for applying glue
         mixers (mixers),
         activators, primers (primers)
         degreaser (cleaner), etc.

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    Promotions for adhesives and sealants. The discount is available in the cart:

         Monolith 342-1 and 345-1 - 380ml packaging - 10%
         Monolith EP 2510-1 - 5%
         Monolith MH 169-1 - 300g package - 20%

    The discount code is available above the COMPLETION OF THE ORDER in the CART (and not before!).

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