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Monolith 605-1
Monolith 605-1
  • Monolith 605-1
  • Monolith 605-1

Monolith 605-1

A two-component methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of thermoplastics, metals and composite materials. Enables high-strength structural, flexible and resilient adhesive joints.

Package: 250 ml

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Monolith 605-1 is a two-component methacrylate adhesive for the structural bonding of thermoplastics, metals and composite materials. It enables high-strength structural, flexible and resistant adhesive joints. Due to its high quality, it is eminently suitable for numerous industrial applications. Thanks to its flexibility, it allows structural bonding of materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. No primers are required for bonding aluminium and stainless steel components. Compared to conventional methyl methacrylate-based adhesives (MMA adhesives), it is distinguished by its thermal and chemical stability and weather resistance.

Recommended for bonding materials:

    - ABS, Acrylics (PMMA), PVC, CPVC
    - Aluminium
    - Carbon steel, Stainless steel
    - Powder coated metals
    - FRP - fibre-reinforced polymer
    - Gelcots, Polyesters (including modified DCPD), Styrene resins, Epoxy resins
    - Urethanes (in general), Vinyl esters
    - Wood

Resistance to water, oils and solvents. Excellent resistance to:
    - hydrocarbons,
    - acids and bases (3-10 pH),
    - salt solutions.
Susceptible to:
    - strong acids and bases,
    - polar solvents.
Tests must be made before bonding.


  • 250ML - cartridge

Data sheet

Viscosity [Pa · s]
(A) 100-125 / (B) 40-70
Mixing ratio (by volume - A: B)
Thermal resistance [°C]
-40 / +120
Minimum gap [mm]
Maximum gap [mm]
Shear strength [N/mm²]
21 - 22
Curing time [godz.]
Pot life after mixing [min]
7 - 9
Time to reach initial strength [min]
16 - 25
Elongation at break
Application area
Allows high-strength, flexible and resistant structural bonding

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