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Ultimate Contact 17

Ultimate Contact17 - High temperature resistant assembly adhesive. Contents 17kg.  By bonding instantly, it enables rapid machining of the materials to be bonded and reduces assembly time, while the spray application form of the adhesive guarantees the product's cost-effectiveness.

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Technically advanced, sprayable assembly adhesive from a new generation of adhesives made of synthetic rubber and resin. Thanks to its high solids content and low solubility, it stands out for its extraordinary bonding strength. Its additional advantages are its instant bonding time (dries in 20-30 seconds) and its resistance to high temperatures (up to 110oC).

It is a contact adhesive ideal for furniture fitters, kitchens, carpenters and joiners. It perfectly bonds any species of wood, HPL laminates, veneer, furniture boards, PVC and ABS edges, cork, stone, concrete. It also works well on smooth, non-absorbent substrates such as sheet metal and laminated board. It can also be used for upholstery. Not suitable for highly plasticised PVC.

The adhesive is also suitable for the automotive industry. It is heat-resistant and suitable for plastic, vinyl, sheet metal and many other materials.

Working with spray adhesive is precise and economical! It is a maintenance-free, clean and efficient system. The adhesive is ready to use straight away! Simply shake the canister to stir the contents and you can start gluing.

The adhesive should be used with a spray gun and hose - the input is universal.

Product features

    High initial adhesion
    Provides even coverage
    Blends a wide range of materials, works well on a variety of surfaces, including smooth ones

Perfect for:

    Bonding laminates
    Vinyl flooring
    Woodwork and joinery
    Worktops and worktops
    Doors and cabinets

Directions for use:

  • Shake the bottle before use to stir the contents!
  • The surfaces to be bonded should be completely clean, dry and degreased.
  • First connect the gun to the hose and make sure the gun valve is closed
  • Then connect the other end of the hose to the glue bottle. Make sure the connection is tight and open the glue bottle valve - this allows the glue to enter the spray hose.
  • You can start applying glue by opening the valve of the spray gun.
  • Apply glue evenly (a thin layer is sufficient) from a distance of approx. 40-50 cm, holding the gun at right angles to the surface to be glued
  • Wait about 2-3 minutes for the glue surface to become dry (depending on ambient conditions the time may change). Then join the parts and press firmly together
  • IMPORTANT: Always leave the glue bottle valve in the open position and only use the spray gun valve. Keep the bottle valve open at all times until the glue is completely used up - closing the bottle valve early will cause the glue to dry in the hose and gun, blocking the flow of glue.

Excess adhesive is best removed with our Adhesive Remover solvent, which quickly and effectively removes adhesive and other types of dirt without damaging the surface being cleaned.

Contains : Dichloromethane


    17kg - Canister


Data sheet

Thermal resistance [°C]
Solids content
Drying time
20-30 sek.

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