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Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesive - Spray adhesive for metal, wood. Very strong! Contents 500ml.

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Contact Adhesive is the first product in a new generation of synthetic rubber/resin-based adhesives. Its high-solids, low-solvent formulation creates a faster, stronger, more aggressive bonding system that outperforms all conventional spray adhesives.

It creates such a strong and durable bond that once joined together, it is virtually impossible to disconnect! Very strong! It adheres strongly and instantly and therefore allows rapid machining of the materials to be bonded, reducing assembly time.

It is a versatile adhesive. It effectively bonds a wide variety of materials. Thanks to the fact that it also adheres perfectly to smooth and slippery surfaces, it is perfect as a metal adhesive. It also effectively bonds wood, MDF, HPL , veneer, laminates, Corian, cork and even concrete, brick and glass.

Thanks to its unique formulation, the adhesive can be used in industry, craftsmen, as well as in renovation and construction work and in households.

Product features:

  • Very high temperature resistance of 120oC
  • High initial adhesion
  • Provides even coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Note: Adheres so strongly that once parts are in contact with each other it is virtually impossible to reposition

Ideal for:

Laminate bonding, woodwork, joinery, counter, worktops, doors and cabinets.

Contact Adhesive for metal and wood is equipped with a modern nozzle, which allows you to regulate the adhesive jet in such a way that only the necessary amount of product can be used and working with the adhesive is always comfortable:

Directions for use:

  1. The can should be shaken before use.
  2. The surfaces to be joined should be clean dry and degreased.
  3. Apply the adhesive from a distance of approximately 20 cm to both surfaces to be bonded.
  4. Leave the adhesive applied for 1-2 minutes.
  5. After this time, the glued parts can be joined together and pressed.
  6. It is best to remove any excess glue with mineral spirits or SOVEREIGN's Adhesive Remover, available in our shop (you only pay once for postage!).
  7. After use, turn the can over and press down on the valve to clear it of any residual glue in this way the valve will clean itself and remain functional until the next use.


Data sheet

Contains : Dichloromethane
Thermal resistance [°C]
Open time
ok 20 min.
Solids content
28%- 32%
Drying time
1 - 2 min.
Optimal bonding temperature
15 do 25 ºC
Min. temperature during bonding
15 ºC

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