Monolith EP 2510-1
  • Monolith EP 2510-1
  • Monolith EP 2510-1

Monolith EP 2510-1

Paste consistency glue, designed for prepared metals, prepared rubber, polyurethane and plastics. Ideal for gluing SMC without special surface preparation. Resistant to mechanical stress, good for fixing car body panels.

Package: 400 ml
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Monolith EP 2510-1 is a two-component, pasty epoxy adhesive resistant to elevated temperatures.

Properties and advantages of Monolith EP 2510-1 adhesive:

  • Durability - carries loads equal to or greater than the glued materials themselves.
  • Environmentally friendly - solvent-free, non-flammable and virtually odorless.
  • Resistant to external conditions - resistant to moisture, solar radiation, salt spray and thermal cycles.
  • High thermal resistance - withstands temperatures from -40 to + 204 ° C; withstands heating up to 204 ° C, withstands degassing up to 107 ° C. For connections operating at high temperatures, a special HT version (10 ° C-204 ° C) is dedicated.
  • Chemical resistance - resistant to diluted acids and bases, solvents, oils and hydrocarbons; anti-corrosion processes (including phosphorization and ELPO - e ‑ coat coatings) do not affect the adhesive or its strength.
  • Outstanding engineering properties - low shrinkage, low water absorption.

Monolith EP 2510-1 is a pasty epoxy system for bonding prepared metals, prepared rubber, polyurethane and plastics. It is perfect for SMC gluing, then it does not require any special surface preparation. Joints glued with EP 2510-1 glue can be subject to high mechanical loads, it is suitable for fixing body panels and spoilers in the automotive industry, in vibration damping assemblies.

Monolith EP 2510-1 combines:

  • metals - the surface should be properly prepared,
  • some plastics - however, it is always recommended to carry out bonding tests on plastics on your own.
  • laminates,
  • SMC,
  • rubber (it is recommended to use a special primer).
  • polyurethanes,
  • wood,
  • glass, ceramics - use a primer to improve adhesion and achieve high environmental resistance.


  • 25 ml - double syringe
  • 400 ml - cartridge
  • 2 x 0.5 L - set - cans
  • 2 x 1.0 L - set - cans
  • 2 x 5.0 L - set - cans
  • 0.75L + 0.5L HT - set - cans

Data sheet

nieprzezroczysta masa
Viscosity [mPa · s]
A: 400-820, B: 230-690
Mixing ratio (by volume - A: B)
1:1, HT 1,5:1
Thermal resistance [°C]
-40 / +150, HT +10 / +204
Maximum gap [mm]
Shear strength [N/mm²]
Pot life after mixing [min]
Time to achieve initial strength at RT
6-8 godz.
Time to reach final strength at RT
24 godz.
Application area
Klej konsystencji pasty, przeznaczony do klejenia przygotowanych metali, przygotowanej gumy, poliuretanu i tworzyw sztucznych. Odporny na duże obciążenia mechaniczne, nadaje się do mocowania paneli karoserii i spoilerów w przemyśle samochodowym.

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