Monolith 331-1
  • Monolith 331-1
  • Monolith 331-1

Monolith 331-1

Ideal for hard-to-bond plastics such as polyamides (nylons), polyamide blends, modified polyesters. It also glues construction thermoplastics, metals and composite materials. High strength and stiffness. Two-component methacrylic adhesive.

Package: 50 ml
Color: beige

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Monolith 331-1 is particularly well suited for bonding thermoplastic materials. Creates a new generation of construction adhesives. This adhesive combines high strength and stiffness with adhesion to difficult-to-bond materials.


  •      It does not require surface preparation
  •      High strength of the adhesive joint
  •      Tolerates inaccuracies in mixing ratio
  •      Does not drip off vertical surface

Recommended for bonding materials:

  •     ABS, PVC
  •     Polyamides (PA)
  •     Acrylic resins, epoxy resins, styrene resins
  •     Gelcoats, Fiberglass
  •     Polyesters (including modified DCPDs)
  •     Urethanes (general), Vinyl esters

Excellent resistance to:

  •      hydrocarbons
  •      acids and bases (3-10 pH)
  •      salt solutions

It is susceptible to polar solvents as well as strong acids and bases.


50 ml - mini-cartridge
400ml - cartridge


Data sheet

beżowa / czarna
Viscosity [Pa · s]
A: 40-60B: 40-60
Mixing ratio (by volume - A: B)
Thermal resistance [°C]
-55 / +120
Maximum gap [mm]
Shear strength [N/mm²]
Pot life after mixing [min]
Time to achieve initial strength at RT
30-35 min.
Time to reach final strength at RT
6 godz.
Application area
Do konstrukcyjnego klejenia termoplastów, metali i materiałów kompozytowych. Specjalne dodatki wspomagają adhezję na trudniejszych do klejenia tworzywach.

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