Alpha DP007 Hybrid
  • Alpha DP007 Hybrid
  • Alpha DP007 Hybrid

Alpha DP007 Hybrid

Alpha DP007 is a high-performance, flexible and stable thixotropic adhesive based on the technology of hybrid polymers. It is a one-component, moisture-curing adhesive that requires no mixing or activation and provides excellent adhesive properties.

Package: 290 ml

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Features and Benefits

• Universal adhesive.
• One component - no need to mix and easy to use.
• Free from isocyanates, solvents and silicone.
• Chemically neutral.
• Suitable for bonding glass and mirrors (according to DIN 1238).
• Good tear and weather resistance.
• Flexible mix that accepts movement.
• Excellent chemical and seawater resistance.
• After complete hardening, it can be painted (according to DIN 52452 part 4).
• Color: black.

The Alpha DP007 Hybrid Adhesive is used for the general bonding of a wide variety of materials as well as for a wide range of applications.
It is recommended for the following purposes:
• Construction of boats / ships (decks, floors, panels etc.)
• Automotive industry (body assembly, buses, containers, etc.)
• Perimeter connections of the window and door frame.
• Conversion of vehicles, caravans.
• Floor and concrete joints.
• Application of gluing in metal structures and for mouting vibrating parts.
• Good adhesion to many substrates (including PVC, EPDM, glass, wood, stone).


Data sheet

Thermal resistance [°C]
-40 do +90

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