S 758
  • S 758

S 758

It was developed as a universal adhesive. Creates strong, permanent contact bonds.

• Universal contact adhesive;
• Excellent bond strength;
• Short open time;
• Easy to use.

Package: 5 L
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S 758 was developed as a universal adhesive. Creates strong, permanent contact bonds between the following materials - a rigid PVC sheet, polyester and polyether polyurethane foams, PVC leather reinforced fabric, leather, polyester glass fiber, rubber sheet and moldings, all of which can be glued together or to a fiberboard , chipboard, wood, painted or unpainted metal.
Rigid laminated plastics such as Formica, Warerite, Melamine, etc. can also be attached with these adhesives. It has an established position in the automotive and coach construction industry as a universal adhesive for car body finishing. Typical body and coach finishing operations for which the S 758 is designed include door and dashboard trim, headlining, parcel shelves and glove storage compartments.
The S 758 has also proven its versatility in the shop and bar fittings industry as well as in the boat building, furniture and footwear industries, where it is widely used as a universal adhesive.

S 758 nadaje się do następujących zastosowań:
• Materiały laminowane (np. Formica, Warerite, Melamine) do drewna;
• Pianki poliuretanowe lub płyty z wełny mineralnej do płyt gipsowo-kartonowych;
• Malowane lub niepomalowane metale na większości powierzchni;
• Uniwersalny klej do drewna, gumy, większości tworzyw sztucznych, tkanin, korka, linoleum i twardego PCV.


  • 5L - tin
  • 1L - tin

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