Monolith 992-3
  • Monolith 992-3

Monolith MH 992-3

Monolith® MH 992-3 is used as an adhesive for firmly embedding bearings, fixing and sealing cylindrical mates, pins. Possible post-assembly, low viscosity, penetrating applications.

Package: 50 g

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Monolith® MH 992-3 belongs to the group of one-component products, free of solvents, anaerobically cured, i.e. after shutting off the access of air (oxygen). An additional element in the curing mechanism is the catalytic action of the metal, therefore these adhesives can be used for joints in contact with the metal. The strength of the connection achieved and the polymerization time depends on the type of metal. Thus, in the presence of copper or brass, a very quick hardening occurs, but in turn the strength is 40% of that found on structural steel. The main applications of anaerobic adhesives are securing threads, nuts and pins against loosening, sealing threads and flat surfaces, and fixing all types of mating connections. Resistance to vibrations, shocks as well as to chemical media make them applicable both in repairs and renovations as well as on production lines.

Monolith® MH 992-3 is used as an adhesive for firmly embedding bearings, fixing and sealing cylindrical mates, pins. Possible post-assembly applications, low viscosity, penetrating.

By filling with glue, the play between the bearing and the seat is eliminated. In the newly designed devices, it is possible to mount bearings with controlled clearance and lower machining precision, obtaining equal joints with press-fit connections. MONOLITH fills in all surface irregularities, giving 100% adhesion, which increases the friction force in the joint up to 3 times the value. Thanks to this, by choosing a "strong" Monolith, it is possible to obtain a connection transmitting very high torsional moments. It is often possible to abandon a fitted connection in favor of a sliding one. A suitable Monolith can replace the soldering technique, e.g. on sleeve joints of copper installations.

Strength class: high - difficult to disassemble.


    50g - bottle
    250g - bottle


Data sheet

Viscosity [mPa · s]
Thermal resistance [°C]
-50 / +150
Maximum gap or thread [mm]
0,04-0,13 / M12
Shear strength [N/mm²]
Breakaway torque [Nm]
Curing time [godz.]
Time to reach initial strength [min]
Application area
do tulei, łożysk i kół zębatych, mała szczelina,wklejanie szpilek; penetrujący- zastosowaniapomontażowe

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