Plexus MA 8110 - the high-performance structural adhesive
  • Plexus MA 8110 - the high-performance structural adhesive

Plexus MA8110 GB

Plexus® MA8110GB is an advanced direct-to-metal, two-part methacrylate structural adhesive. It is designed for structural bonding of various metals plastic, and composite assemblies.

Package: 400 ml
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MA8110GB excels at bonding metals without primer to other metals or engineering thermoplastics and composite assemblies with little or no surface preparation. Combined in a 1:1 volume ratio, MA8110GB can bond dipped and electro-galvanised steel and other metals to a variety of substrates. This product provides a unique combination of high strength, hardness and fatigue resistance for industrial and transportation assembly with excellent thin film cure. Plexus MA8110GB is available in grey and is supplied in ready-to-use 400ml cartridges, 5 gallon (20 litre) pails and 50 gallon (200 litre) drums for dispensing as a non-dissolving gel product.

Wide adhesion to materials:

- Aluminium
- Carbon and stainless steel
- Hot dip galvanised G60 and G90
- Other galvanised metals
- Glass reinforced plastics
- Thermoplastics
- Gelcoat
- Polyesters (including modified DCPD)
- Urethanes (in general)
- Vinyl esters

A plastic adhesive that is less gap dependent. Up to 1mm practically no change in bond strength.


400ML cartridge


Data sheet

Mixing ratio (by volume - A: B)
Thermal resistance [°C]
-40 / 82
Minimum gap [mm]
Pot life after mixing [min]
8 - 12
Time to reach initial strength [min]
35 - 50
Time to reach final strength [godz.]
Elongation at break
25 - 45

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