Super Metal P-1 - regenerative material in paste form.
  • Super Metal P-1 - regenerative material in paste form.
  • Super Metal P-1 - regenerative material in paste form.
  • Super Metal P-1 - regenerative material in paste form.

Super Metal P-1

Epoxy resin for repair, maintenance and conservation.

Package: 25 ml
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The product SUPER METAL P-1 is a high viscosity, solvent-free, two-component epoxy resin-based adhesive for repair, maintenance and upkeep.

The cured adhesive has the same properties as metal and is therefore mainly suitable for making quick repairs to metal parts. SUPER METAL P-1 has an exceptionally high metal content of 70%. It offers a wide range of applications for the maintenance and preservation of metal parts, as well as prototyping and mould filling.

It is distinguished by its low shrinkage and can be applied in a thick layer. It allows damaged parts to be repaired without problems, even in a vertical position. Once cured, this adhesive can be worked in many ways: by grinding, drilling, threading, painting, etc.

SUPER METAL P-1 adhesive is, due to its paste-like structure, particularly resistant to leakage and fills gaps well. Even repairing damaged parts in a vertical line is possible without problems. Compared to other liquid metals, SUPER METAL P-1 wins praise through its high metal content, low shrinkage and ability to be applied in a thick layer. Thus, it is possible to easily make top-quality permanent repairs completely without welding.

In addition, it is characterised by its high application friendliness and the absence of solvents. Unlike other liquid metals, which are offered in two separate tubes and whose contents have to be individually squeezed and mixed, SUPER METAL P-1 has an advantage thanks to its innovative packaging in a twin-chambered syringe. This allows the metal to be easily dispensed in the correct mixing ratio, cleanly and without the use of a balance. In addition, the entire contents of the syringe are used.

Super Metal P-1 can be machined, turned, milled, drilled, sanded, painted.


    long-lasting, optimum results;
    high hardness due to 70 % metal content
    leak-proof and gap-filling;
    low shrinkage; >
    rapid hardening;
    short open time of approx. 6 min;
    impact resistant;
    Can be processed in various ways: modelling, varnishing, sanding, drilling;
    Resistant to ageing and weathering;
    resistant to temperatures up to +120°C.

Resistant to water, oils and solvents.


    repair, maintenance and ongoing maintenance of;
    aluminium, steel, brass, coated and galvanised metals;
    filling, jointing, filling, sealing;
    Correcting damaged surfaces; voids, cavities; crack areas in metal castings;
    scratches, leaks and other abrasion damage; repairs to vehicles and machinery;
    damage to engine block intakes, hydraulic cylinders or crankcases;
    manufacture of moulds, prototypes, fixtures.


  • 25ML double syringe


Data sheet

Viscosity [Pa · s]
Mixing ratio (by volume - A: B)
Thermal resistance [°C]
-40 / +150
Shear strength [N/mm²]
Pot life after mixing [min]
Time to achieve initial strength at RT
60 min.
Time to reach final strength at RT
72 godz.
Application area
Najpopularniejszy materiał regeneracyjny w postaci pasty, przeznaczony głównie do osadzania łożysk w gniazdach, regeneracji wałków, korpusów maszyn itd.

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